Zakia- a life saver



The audio report by Shaheen Shah is about Zakia, a resident of Peshawar and Female Community Worker (FCW). Zakia visits door-to-door spreading awareness among parents about the nine vaccinations that are necessary for children from the time of their birth. Zakia, a mother of four, knows the importance of a child’s health and to protect children of her locality from lifetime disabilities and illnesses, she visits every household.

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Shaheen Shah is a multimedia journalist and an alumus of the Independent Project Reporting. He currently holds a degree of Mass communication from NUML, Islamabad and pursing an M.Sc in Gender Studies from AIOU. He is presently working as a stringer with DEEWA, Voice of America and as an anchor with Mashriq TV. He has previously worked with Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) Islamabad, ROZE TV (Islamabad) and FM 96 Islamabad. He has also been associated with well-reputed international media organizations such as Al Jazeera plus, DW and Holland national news agency.