Success Stories


Rahat Shinwari
Graduate of Development Journalism (Batch 1)

The three Months Certificate Course in Development Journalism has polished my hidden abilities and opened new doors of opportunities for me. The course not only improved my reporting skills but also enhanced my professional organizational capabilities. The course provided me with very productive opportunities to learn from various sector including the fields of journalism, economy, policy making, writing, editing, and gender.

Soon after the conclusion of the course, I joined UNDP RAHA FATA Secretariat as Behavior Change and Communications Officer and I successfully started my new profession with the vast knowledge and skills acquired and enhanced during the course. Over the course of my profession, I have fully utilized these skills for the development and uplift of my community.  I am serving the vulnerable and deserving communities of my native land FATA since the last 3 years under the umbrella of UNDP and FATA Secretariat and playing a very vital role in local development and social cohesion. Undoubtedly, I owe the credit for my success to the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, FATA Development Programme   and FATA Secretariat for this wonderful initiative of Development Journalism certificate course.


Anwar Zeb
Graduate of Development Journalism (Batch 2)

I am currently working as a journalist with Geo News, Peshawar Bureau, an opportunity I availed after the completion of the three months certification course in development journalism. I often cover social issues, sports and environmental stories.

The development journalism certification course has been an enriching learning experience for me in terms of my professional development and growth. I am truly honored to have been a part of the course, a brainchild and collaborative effort of the Department of journalism and mass communication, University of Peshawar and FATA Development Programme. I have learnt new journalistic skills and developed my technical abilities from highly professional trainers. Among many of the outcomes of the course, I have realized the importance of development journalism and its mainstreaming especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


Aneela Khalid
Graduate of development journalism (Batch-4)

In the year 2015, when I was at Peshawar and was dabbling in the world of journalism as a young journalist, I came across information that Department of Journalism and Mass Communication is about to undertake a course in ”Development Journalism”. My excitement for something exotic made me apply and join the course.

At the very outset I was pleasantly surprised to find a congenial environment where I found extremely enthusiastic and talented teaching staff. The insight that I gained into development journalism during my stay not only radically changed my outlook but I also started to discover that Journalism had other aspects to it which were still not explored.

Traditional Journalism caters and highlights mundane issues which are generally known to everyone. It believes in sensationalism. Development Journalism, however, tries to bring hidden issues to light. It believes in ”follow-ups of stories” and awareness in its true sense.

This understanding of development journalism added a new dimension to my work style. This gave a boost to my profession. Development Journalism taught me how to keep a balance and also how to make a professional approach. Indeed, I am grateful for having undergone this experience. I recommend such courses in Development Journalism for those interested to make it their career.

Thanks to FATA Development Programme and Department of Journalism and Mass Communication.


Fazalullah Mohmand
Graduate of Development Journalism (Batch 1)

I originally belong to Mohmand agency of war-affected tribal areas administered federally (FATA) and currently, working as Head of Department of Journalism & Mass Communication in private university named Khurasan University of Jalalabad, Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan.

Committed to studies and eager to learn from own teachers, I have aced throughout my educational years. I am also involved with the National English Daily, The Frontier Post as a campus reporter. Additionally, I have also had the honor to work as a research associate with the FATA Research Center, Islamabad.

The Independent Project Reporting certification course has been the most lucrative opportunity provided to me and I express my utmost gratitude to my instructors and FATA development programme for enabling me to discover new avenues for success and growth.