Radio Report: Antenatal care by Izhar Mehmood



The audio report produced by Izhar mehmood of Batch-7 is based on the importance of antenatal care and the maintenance of patient record from the initial pregnancy phases till the delivery of the new born and how regular antenatal checkups can save lives of both the mother and the newborn child. The report incorporates voices from the concerned field doctors at Mian Rashid Hussain Memorial hospital, Pabbi, Nowshera district, KPK. The report has been produced in English audio medium.

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Mr Izhar Mehmood is a media journalist, currently pursuing his MPhil from the department of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Peshawar. Mr Mehmood specializes as a radio journalist and is engaged with Pakhtunkhwa Radio, FM 92.2 as a script writer and news broadcaster. He is also making valuable contributions to the Independent Project Reporting in the capacity of media Technical Assistant. He the mostly covers stories on the current education system of the country.


  1. such reports need to be on aired from radios in far flung areas, it could fruitful for those have no experience of antenatal care.