Alumni Association


The Alumni Association, an initiative of the IPR, shall serve as an active forum for the graduates of the IPR certification course to share stories and brainstorm new ideas in the area of development journalism. The forum shall provide the graduates with the opportunity to exhibit their skills and knowledge, developed in the area of reporting for development during their association with the IPR certification course.

The former students of IPR will be provided with a platform to interact on a bimonthly basis among each other, the IPR course instructors and local and national media experts. Strategies and synergies shall be developed among the alumni in terms of organizing interactive sessions, news gathering and production of development products in the form of radio, television and print assignments. Published, quality products produced by the alumni will be recorded and uploaded on the Alumni official website. The radio/television/print products produced shall be research-based, authentic, presented along with valid facts and figures. It is suggested that proper references should also be presented, where intellectual property has been borrowed from a source.


The developmental stories produced for different media shall have a focus on stories from the regions of FATA and KP. Development journalism being the focal point of these products, thematic areas of health, education, livelihood and communications shall be considered during their production.

The associates shall be encouraged to develop high standard products within the course of two weeks, with one week assigned to the development while the second week allocated for the evaluation and final editing of the product. On-going feedback shall be provided for the produced products by the IPR course instructors, assigned editors and media professionals engaged with the IPR. Predetermined criteria shall be maintained to examine the quality of the produced products. Also, the duration/ word count range for the products should also be pre-defined, to ensure the appropriate length of the work produced.


The approved developmental stories will be continuously archived onto the official website. The alumni Web site shall be accessible to the mainstream media and thus, this will offer an opportunity for the development stories to make it to the mainstream media.